Hear.com landing page & email redesign


Landing page & email redesign


The original landing page has its CTA below the fold. Most of visitors were using 1366px by 768px monitor. Below is what they see on the landing page. Viewers see a half display questionnaires and USPs. Since average viewers spend around 10 seconds on this landing page, many viewers just lost interest.

Based on our internal Usertesting.com result, many users did not even bother to scroll down the page to find the rest of the page. Therefore, up to 50% of customers left the page.

From the results, I designed a new landing page with title, header image, USPs and questionnaire above the fold. Also, I added the iconographic to enhanced user’s trust.


Landing page



Version 1 - Mobile view
Hear.com landing page & email redesign
Version 3 - Mobile view
Version 4.1 - Mobile view