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The original landing page had its call-to-action (CTA) positioned below the visible section of the page, which caused a significant issue. Since most visitors used a 1366px by 768px monitor, they could only see a portion of the landing page upon arrival. This limited view displayed a partially visible questionnaire and unique selling propositions (USPs). With an average viewer attention span of around 10 seconds, many users quickly lost interest and failed to engage further.

Based on the insightful results from our internal Usertesting.com study, it was evident that a large portion of users didn’t bother to scroll down to discover the rest of the content. Consequently, up to 50% of potential customers left the page without fully exploring its offerings.

Considering these findings, I developed a new landing page design that addressed these issues. The updated layout featured the title, header image, USPs, and questionnaire above the fold. Additionally, I incorporated iconography to enhance user trust and provide visual cues that conveyed reliability and professionalism. By making these strategic design changes, the new landing page aimed to capture visitors’ attention and encourage further content exploration.

Landing page design

Through comprehensive testing, we have gained valuable insights on optimizing the landing page design for hearing aids. Our findings reveal that incorporating a female image alongside icons that summarize the device’s features, along with additional promotional icons highlighting warranty, trial, and money-back guarantees, significantly improves the click-through rate (CTR). With these insights in mind, we have revamped the hearing aid landing page to prominently feature a female image, effectively showcasing the device’s compact size and enhancing its appeal.


Email design

In the email, I have thoughtfully included icons that succinctly summarize the key features of our product. Additionally, to provide added value and incentive, promotional icons highlighting warranty, trial, and money-back guarantees have been incorporated. These elements enhance the email’s visual appeal and effectively communicate the benefits and assurances we offer.

Version 1 - Mobile view
Hear.com marketing design
Version 3 - Mobile view
Version 4.1 - Mobile view