Data visualization design

Data visualization

My goal improvement

The background

My goal is important part of Franklin Energy utility billing site, It allows users to set a percentage reduction of their average daily usage by month (for example, daily averages of Aug 2019 versus Aug 2020), which is then compared to the average daily usage of the same month last year. Customers can also set up alerts that will notify them if the usage is over the goal. My task was to make improvements to the existing My Goal design.


  1. Adding multiple fuels.
  2. An updated calculator and data presentment.
  3. Enabling Month to Month goal comparison until the user has 12 months of data, which means the experience will change to YoY.
  4. All data shown will be weather-normalized.


We studied the data from internal analytic and feedback. First, we found that the customer had trouble setting up My Goal using pop-up windows, in which it is very easy to lose track. My solution is using tabs to switch between gas, water, and electricity. Customers can make adjustments right on the page and see the result. 

Second, the information is not easy to understand from the graph and round bar. I designed the way in which the reference information is embedded within the bars or using side-by-side comparison. 

I sought to reduce the steps that the customer had to go through in order to get the information they need.

The biggest challenge is making the page easy to understand and allowing the customer to use the data while saving on energy


Wireframe design

I worked with the Product Manager and Director of Data Analytics, designing 3 different variations. Each design displays the same data information differently. 

Mobile version 1


Desktop version 1


Mobile version 2


Desktop version 2

Data visualization design

Mobile version 3


Desktop version 3

Data visualization design

Next phase

Using the interactive prototype and test at least 5 people from the client’s region. I want to test on 3 males and 3 females aged from 20 to 60. I would like to learn whether testers can set up goals and alerts and be able to understand the data and its descriptions.