Design Workflow That Works

This is the workflow I came up with and have used in my design work. The process is in five sequential phases. This process allows me to handle any kind of project with great confidence.

Project: Sword Girls Game Website Design Process

Phase 1: Kicking off the project

  • The first phase of the Core Process is all about gathering and analyzing the information necessary to clearly identify the scope of the project and then prepare for a kickoff meeting.

1. I used an online project management system called “SmartSheet” to create the master schedule.

2. During the brainstorming and regular meetings, the product team and I analyzed the compeitior’s data. The product team came up with the main features that will be on the site. Last, I used the feature list to create the design document and details schedule.

Phase 2: Developing site structure

  • With Phase 2, the actual hands-on work begins. Developing site structure is all about content and information strategy – determining how to organize information so that site users can find it quickly and easily.

3. Based on the design requirement, I started to create a flow chart.

4. Once the flowchart was finalized, I created wireframe.

Phase 3: Visual design

  • The visual design, the look and feel, the graphic interface – it’s the first experience the user has with the site.

5. After the wireframe was finalized, I started the visual design to create the look and feel of the site.

Phase 4: Production and QA

  • Everything comes together at this point. Production merges content and design into a complete site.

Phase 5: Launch