Game:KIXEYE Browser games
Task: I started with some drawings from the marketing manager, CMO, VP of marketing and KIXEYE CEO. First, I met with them to learn exactly what they wish to see. Then I expended the raw idea into a dozen pages of wireframe design. I also designed this site with its own CMS so that the marketing manager or community manager could change the content without going through a developer.

The goal of this mega project was to design a site on which players can create their own account and track in-game progress. The site is also a place where players can communicate with each other. Players can view in-game information such as the leaderboard, strategy and guide. They can also create their own communities and share strategies with other players.


Flow chart

Because this project is complex, it was very important to understand the flow before designing the wireframe. This chart helped everyone on the team – especially the engineering team – understand the flow.

Home page after login

This page shows the player’s information. This should be the page with the most traffic. It is like a social platform for the game player. On the left side are a player snapshot, friend block, badges block, groups block, etc. On the right side, the player game information is at the top. It is followed by feeds from the player or a friend.

Guide page

This is the page on which players can find game information.

Strategy page

This is where players can create and share their game strategies.

Support page