CASE STUDY & redesign


Beside in page questionnaire, also use stand alone questionnaire that is text-heavy and hard to follow. Many visitors abandon the questionnaire in the middle of the process of completing it. I took the time to complete the questionnaire and study its flow.

First, I did user testing and studied the data. I found that many older visitors ran out of patience after just a few questions. They usually complained about the text-only approach.

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During user testing, many of the testers mentioned using graphics. From a visual standpoint, this could create a more interesting and easy-to-understand style, thereby minimizing drop-out. In addition, I enhanced the customer’s trust by adding the trust element icons to the bottom of the page. During testing, users often mentioned how excited they were about these trust elements.

The business’s goal is to create a concise, accurate, and simple question form that alleviates confusion and greatly increases conversion rates. sells hearing aids, which are medical devices. Therefore, I designed a style guide with clear typography and a healthcare-oriented color palette. According to, blue is a very popular branding color in healthcare.

Style Guide / Icon Graphic

Asset 41@4x

Using the style guide, I started designing the wireframe, which provided an overview of the visual design. From the data, I knew that most visitors use a 1366px by 768px monitor. With that information in mind, I kept all the important information and CTA above the fold.


I was able to efficiently create visual designs that were thoughtful and driven by the test and data.

The first page of the questionnaire is the most important part of the entire design. It has a clear title and buttons with easy-to-understand iconography. I also added trust elements to the bottom to enhance the visitor experience.


There is a series of yes and no questions. I used a more colorful approach to make these steps easier to complete. On the right side, dots indicate which step the visitor is on.


Ultimately, I created a simple, sleek, and elegant questionnaire. I believed that it was important to ensure that visitors have positive and joyful experiences while completing the entire questionnaire. The new design gives the user confidence as to why they are choosing I think this new design will result in more appointments.